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Shaping the future of businesses

Computer vision holds transformative potential for industries.

Gain competitive advantage: From logistics and inventory management, to fashion, beauty and retail – there’s a lot to be gained from AI/ML adoption.

Increase accuracy: Built on sophisticated algorithms, computer vision enables industries to identify and manipulate objects, model them on real-world objects, self-train, track, detect and determine results.

Master the game of retail

Innovative solutions from Jotter

Jotter’s deep learning solutions for fashion and lifestyle retailers come with computer vision and machine learning.


Total cost and
quality control

User experience

Opportunities with

AI-powered digital catalogues

Trusted by India’s leading e-tailers and fashion houses

  • Take your retail business to the next level using the power of AI
  • Accelerate AI and deep learning technologies to grow rapidly
  • Enable conventional functions, like digital catalogue generation with AI

High quality in minutes

Build powerful digital catalogues that are natural-looking and of high quality in a matter of minutes. Improve personalization and product discovery using efficient tags and attributes. Costs just a fraction of what you’re spending on traditional cataloguing.

Traditional method


Cost $15

per SKU

Cost <$5

per SKU

Time taken

Up to 8 weeks

5 minutes

Cost <$5

Explore digital catalogues in fashion: Jo Lookbook

Jo Lookbook catalogue generation

Try and buy!

With AI making rapid inroads, consumers can experience try-ons in the convenience of their homes before purchasing a product.

Virtual fitting rooms for your products and accessories

Get realistic AI-powered image generation of wrist watches and select make-up, like lipsticks, & accessories, on international models.

Advanced AI algorithm facilitates full detection of the human body, accurate estimation and modification. Get high-precision results despite uncertain lighting, poses and environmental conditions.

Get higher conversion rates and average order value. Cut costs and reduce your turnaround time to minutes!

Remove image backgrounds in

Unflattering backgrounds can ruin an otherwise-perfect photo. Create stunning artwork from your photos. Cut multiple backgrounds out of the picture, edit and retouch at the snap of your fingers.

Glam up your photos without wasting time or resources. No need to download expensive photo editors; no need to wait! Integrate Jotter’s handy tool into your operations and improve outcomes in no time!

Remove jarring cut-out edges from highly detailed photos.

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