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The digital retail landscape is rapidly evolving, and the cosmetics industry is adopting AI to deliver new and differentiated experiences. With buyer preferences changing, contactless, AI-enabled make-up simulators that allow shoppers to prioritize comfort, convenience and hygiene, while delivering natural and accurate simulations, are making breakthroughs. These virtual try-ons are the future of the cosmetics retail world.

Every shade of perfect

Photo-realistic lipstick simulation

Jo Lipstick delivers the promise of exceptional experience and customer satisfaction in the highly competitive field of beauty and personal care. Shoppers can virtually try and buy from the list of various lipstick shades and brands using two distinct options – by uploading their own photo or using on-model imagery.

Elegance, perfection and every bit as natural

Live makeup

Apply shaders in real time

Use webcam to capture shopper
image and try lipstick shades live

Apply on model

Select from our diverse database or upload image

Upload any image and try on lipstick shades virtually

Empower shoppers to discover their favourite shades

Let your shoppers take their time experimenting with your collection.

Empower your shoppers to discover their favourite shades, taking their time experimenting with your collection, trying out different brands to suit their preferences, and emerge 100% satisfied.


Why Jo Lipstick?

Advanced AI-engine

Provides accurate and differentiated user experience

Personalized user experiences

Leads to higher customer satisfaction

Reduced costs

Of photoshoots, editing and cataloguing

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