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Digitalization is the road to survival in a competitive marketplace. Digital technologies, like artificial intelligence and deep learning are cutting across industries, spurring rapid adoption due to the radical benefits they pose.

A lot is happening in the world of digital, and at a remarkable pace. This trend is apparent in industries like retail. The B2B retail industry is set to hit a whopping $8 trillion by 2023. By 2025, the apparel and fashion e-commerce market is projected to exceed $1,200 billion.

Meet Jotter’s Women Entrepreneurs

Jotter’s vision is brought to life by its three founding partners, who set the tone and direction of its remarkable growth story. As a women-empowered company, Jotter is uniquely positioned to win in the market through the innovative blend of AI, and futuristic design engineering solutions that are rooted in fresh perspectives and are continuously evolving

Harini Boinipally

Board Member

Hasini Boinipally

Board Member

Madhavi Arelli

CEO & Co-Founder,
Board Member

Creating New Vistas

Jotter is a business solutions provider that builds fully automated AI-enabled products to make the world of digital commerce work better.

As a company that leverages the vast potential of computer vision and deep learning to build business solutions, Jotter's journey begins where others’ end. Our efforts are focused on innovating game-changing solutions to the unresolved problems faced by the e-commerce sector.

We build and deliver AI-enabled workflow management solutions to improve customer engagement, reduce cost and increase sales multi-fold.

Our deep learning solutions focus on computer vision, natural language processing, voice recognition and deep learning.

Our Story So Far in Numbers


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Our Innovative Solutions

Jotter is pioneering innovative solutions that leverage the immense power and potential of AI. Our industry agnostic solutions are redefining the face of industry sectors, like digital retail. 3D imaging technology – a $30 billion industry by 2025 – is at work in most of our flagship solutions, like Jo Lookbook and Jo App.

Meet Jo!

"Jo" is Jotter’s AI avatar – ubiquitous and representative of the essence of everything that is unique about Jotter. Being a feminine form, Jo is also representative of the power of women – Jotter being a women-led company.

Our Differentiation

Winning teamwork

Catalogue generation is one of the most difficult functions involving AI. We took it as a challenge, and have been perfecting the science behind it.

Meeting of minds

We have some of the brightest minds in the industry working on our products, which is a core advantage as skilled resources in the field are scarce.

Agile market strategy

Our scale-up strategy is continuously evolving along with the market need. We have managed to remain agile and keep pace with the disruption

Business meets technology

Our rare combination of business and technical knowledge led us to phenomenal results within just a few years.

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